This is the user-facing part of digitransit that provides the user experience. You will probably want to build your localized version yourself. The official version is maintained by HSL and lives at HSLdevcom/digitransit-ui


General Transport Feed Specification, a common exchange format for public (static) transit schedules and related information such as stop locations etcetera. Wikipedia (en); Specification

See also: Datasources GTFS


General Bikeshare Feed Specification, a common exchange format for bikesharing (or vehicle sharing in general), including the location of sharing docks/hubs and individual free floating vehicles. Conceptually very different from GTFS. Github specification repo

See also: Datasources GBFS


An additional map tile server (original repository here) that ingests features such as stops, bikesharing stations etc. and displays them as items on an otherwise transparent map layer, above the basemap. This allows for clickable stops etc.


A crowd sourced geo-database. Data from OpenStreetMap is used for foot, bike and car routing in OpenTripPlanner. Country and regional data extracts are provided by the Geofabrik download servers. For custom regions or smaller extracts the BBBike extract service can be used. (use PBF as extract format.) OpenStreetMap data also can be used for search. (pelias, photon) Website

See also: Datasources OpenStreetMap


The Free-/Open-Source multimodal trip planner used for digitransit. Website

OTP data container

The Docker container in which the OpenTripPlanner routing graph lives. This container can be swapped out for an updated version whenever the need arises.

ParkenDD / ParkAPI

OpenSource project to collect and scape parking lot occupancy data and bring them into an unified json format. Data can be integrated using stadtnavi extension dynamic parking lots. Website, Github, Map

See also: Datasources ParkenDD ParkAPI


King of Iolcus in Greek mythology. Also, a geocoder: insert address, get geocoordinates as a result. Or vice versa. Supports suggest as you type. Not maintained anymore, therefore replaced with photon using photon-pelias-adapter in our deployments. Website


OpenStreetMap data based geocoder. Supports suggest as you type. Based on the Nominatim Geocoder. We use photon in digitransit with photon-pelias-adapter. Website with Demo, Github