To build and run your own digitransit instance, you need:

  • One host machine with a-little-bit-more-than-average RAM (i.e. 16+ GB) for building the OTP data container and digitransit-ui

  • One Kubernetes Cluster (can be single-node) with 8+ GB RAM

  • kubectl installed and configured on your (personal) device for controlling said Kubernetes Cluster. (The following tasks _can_ be performed without kubectl, but we highly discourage it.)

  • One OpenStreetMap extract for your region (see:

  • One (or more) GTFS Feeds for public transit routes

  • A GitHub Account (for forking stuff)

  • A Docker Hub Account (for publishing your containers)

  • One Domain and access to DNS for creating a subdomain

  • An externally running photon. For development and tests, you could try the public photon instance.


  • One (or more) GBFS Feeds (for bikesharing and/or carsharing)