Frequently Asked Questions

  • I see no frequently asked questions?! – Feel free to ask one :)

  • I did everything as you say, but when I test bus relations, the route is all zigzagging over the map instead of following the road – Your GTFS feed is missing shapes.txt. This happens occasionally, depending on where you get your feed from. See this blog post on how to integrate them into your feed yourself

  • The time zone is off: Routing results are as many hours ahead/behind of the desired time as my local time zone is ahead/behind of UTC, how coincidental! - For whatever reason, digitransit insists on delivering its own timezoneData within config.js. Whenever this definition expires, your timezone will be off. Replace the text string with the one fitting your time zone from to realign yourself within the correct space-time. (See this diff for comparison and explanation)