Stadtnavi extensions

Stadtnavi has added the following features:

Dynamic parking lots routing and map layer


This map layer adds information about car parking lots with realtime information about capacity, free spaces, opening hours and a link to more information.

All the information is drawn from a ParkAPI feed. Herrenberg’s feed is available at:

See also: Datasources ParkenDD ParkAPI


To add realtime parking lot information you need to configure a ParkAPI updater.

More information about the possible configuration options can be found in the OTP documentation.


First, to visualise the parking lots, an instance of tilelive-park-api needs to be added to hsl-map-server.

The main frontend code resides in DynamicParkingLots.js and DynamicParkingLotsPopup.js.

If a parking lot is close to being full, then a warning is shown. The user may decide to re-run the routing query excluding full car-parks.


This code lives in CarLeg.js.


in OpenTripPlanner router-config.json you need to add the ParkAPI endpoint to updaters

"updaters": [
    "id": "park-api",
    "type": "car-park",
    "frequencySec": 120,
    "sourceType": "park-api",
    "url": ""

In the frontend config (app/configurations/

add maplayer URL

URL: {
  DYNAMICPARKINGLOTS_MAP: `${API_URL}/map/v1/parking-map/`

and activate dynamicParkingLots and configure zoom levels

dynamicParkingLots: {
  showDynamicParkingLots: true,
  dynamicParkingLotsSmallIconZoom: 14,
  dynamicParkingLotsMinZoom: 14

and add sprites including the parking icons

sprites: 'assets/svg-sprite.hb.svg'

Free-floating bicycle and scooter sharing


This allows digitransit to drop off bicycles and scooters anywhere and has two modes:

  • The sharing system is not really a free-floating one, but bikes are allowed to be dropped off anywhere at the end of a journey. In such a case the UI displays a warning. (rentalMode=free-floating-with-temporary-dropoff)

  • The system is a proper free-floating one: you can drop off the bike anywhere. (rentalMode=free-floating)


  • If you switch from bike sharing to public transport, you cannot drop off the bike anywhere but only in a bike parking facility. This has two benefits:

    • The bikes are not dropped off in places that are absolutely closest to the station, ie. the tunnel underneath the railway tracks or the steps leading to the subway entrance.

    • The search space is drastically reduced, leading to a speed up for routing requests.

  • Business zones, restricting the drop off to a certain geographic area, are not supported.


As with any other bike or car sharing, you need to configure a graph updater.

More information about the various rentalTypes are available in the Configuration reference.

Map layer

The frontend is already part of digitransit and simply needs to be activated.

hsl-map-server however needs to be configured to include the `tilelive-citybike <>`__. This layer queries OTP for the bike positions. Please note that there is a bug (?) in this layer preventing frequent updates of positions: on top of the normal tile-based cache logic this layer also has its own cache, which never expires. (


If you are using the mode free-floating-with-temporary-dropoff, the backend emits warnings about having to return the bicycle. To also put this feature into the frontend, please view the relevant PR. The main code resides in BicycleLeg.js but to you also need to change the client-side GraphQL schema file (schema.json) and the queries in ItineraryTab.js and SummaryListContainer.js.

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